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 Thanks for your interest in joining our blog!  Our blog is simple to join and is very helpful for saving money on groceries.  Just click on the Register link under the “links” navigation bar (on the left hand side of the page) in order to create a user name and password.  After you register, then you will be free to post comments and teach other’s about great deals and coupons that you have found in your area.  You also will be able to post questions to everyone if you are looking for something or need help.

So why is our blog so great?

 Reason #1:  Anyone who registers automatically becomes an author on the blog!  This means that you can put up your own posts that people can comment on!

 Reason #2:  Every week Daniel Pereira will post:  How to get free groceries, great deals on other groceries, and he will tell everyone about the best free printable coupons available that week on the web!

Reason #3:  Working together to tell each other about great grocery savings will help us all get great deals on groceries each and every week!   

So what are you waiting for?  Join are blog today and start posting! 

Good luck and happy Savings!

 Daniel Pereira