Finally! 100% Hassle Free, No Cost To You, Online Grocery Coupons!

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Is this your first time printing free coupons with us? I know your excited, but please take a minute to learn about them:

If you have done any searching at all on the internet, you will find that, unfortunately, at most sites it is rather difficult to get the free coupons. Some sites make you fill out surveys, others bombard you with ads, and some make you even buy the coupons in order to get the savings. But, today is your lucky day!

When I was working to put together my book, "Saving Money through Power Shopping," I did weeks and weeks of research in order to find the best grocery savings sites on the internet. Part of this research was finding the best sites for free coupons.

I was originally only going to only tell people who bought my book about these great sites, but I changed my mind. Why? Well, too many people have found my site and have been expecting to find free coupons. I decided after a few emails asking for free coupons that "the customer is always right." In other words, if you want free coupons, then I should give them to you. So what did I do? ...

I hooked up with HUGE couponing companies to offer you hassle-free coupons, right through our site!

These coupons sources will give you access to hundreds of free coupons each and every week! And, yes, it is true, you have finally found where you can easily print coupons off of the internet, with no strings attached! All together, all you have to do is register with our couponing partners and download some coupon printing software. After you do this, then you are set!

FREE Coupon Source #1: We have joined forces with Coupons Inc., who is famous for offering ways for people to print hassle-free coupons online. They usually offer around 100 free coupons for you and your family each and every week. All you need to do is take a minute to register and get their coupon printing software.

Just Click Here to go to our co-branded coupons page with Coupons Inc. On this page, you will see the link on the top right hand of the page that says "Register now for weekly coupon alerts" (HINT: you are registering so that you can print the coupons, they let you choose if you want to get the coupon alerts or not). After following their registration process, then you are ready to save!

FREE Coupon Source #2: Have you ever heard of SmartSource? Well, if you ever use coupons in the Sunday paper, then you probably have. Along with Valassis and Proctor and Gamble, SmartSource publishes millions of coupons every year that are available in your paper. I have had the privilege of partnering up with SmartSource in order to provide you with additional coupons that you can print over the internet. Only one simple step needs to be taken!

Just Click Here to get started. Go ahead and pick some coupons to print. Click on the print button and then you will be able to download the coupon printing software. After this you are set, so have fun and happy savings!

FREE Coupon Source #3: This source for coupons is very cool! Maybe that is why they are called Cool Savings. Cool savings is an additional website that will allow you to print grocery coupons, but they have also taken it to the next level to allow you to print coupons for other retail stores and to allow you to receive free samples. The only downside is that you will occasionally be exposed to more ads than you would wish. If you can look past this, then the savings they offer are definitely worth your time:

Step 1) Visit the link below. To get your savings through Cool Savings, all you have to do is fill out the Join Now information.

Step 2) While you are signing up, there is an option to receive email promotions or not. Maybe you want these promotions and offers, but if you don't, make sure to unmark that box.

Step 3) Click on the grocery coupons link and start printing coupons. Also while you are on their site, you can check out any other coupons for retail stores that they have to offer. Get started today! Just click on the banner below:


FREE Bonus Website: Who likes FREE samples? I know I do, so I wanted to share this last website with everyone. This is the best website I have found for free samples! Now, just as a heads up, in order to get some of the free samples, you will have to request them from the companies that are offering the free samples. This website doesn't just start sending you tons of free products in the mail. Sorry! They ask you what types of free products you are interested in first, so that you get free samples that you will actually use. That is fine with me though, because some of the free samples are worth over $20! So, if this is something that interets you, then take a minute to sign up and learn about this website. Just click on the banner below: